Charles Elwyn, Sr.

Charlie Elwyn was born on August 13, 1926 in Middletown, New York and passed away at his home in Lake Clear on September 28, 2013. He was predeceased by his brothers Henry and Bob and by his first granddaughter, Joy. Charlie is survived by his sisters Millie, Betty, and Doris; daughters Joyce Levine and Tricia Elwyn and his son Charles A. Elwyn Jr.; grandchildren Tom Kraus, Adam Levine, Charles Elwyn, Cheri Nowak, and Tara O’Gorman; great grandchildren Kirstie, Courtney, Nicole, Thomas, April, Aidan, Beau, Sophia, and Giovanna.

Charlie had his own construction company in New Jersey until he bought an Inn in Lake Clear in 1967 and that began the Charlie’s Inn and Campsite phase of his life. Charlie and his wife Helen ran the Inn for 18 years. When they became legally separated in 1985, Charlie continued to run the Inn and Campsite and Helen continued to handle the accounting for the business and they remained friends for life. In 1998 Charlie and Helen sold the Inn and in 1999 they sold the Campsite and Charlie retired.

Charlie loved to fly and for many years had his own plane. He loved the Adirondack Mountains; he ………..

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