Congressman Owens Highlights Border Trade in Light of Shutdown

While it seems like bipartisan cooperation is dead in Washington, there is a group of lawmakers working together to find balance between commercial and security interests on our border with Canada…

Owens speaking at CanAmBTA conference

Representative Bill Owens addressed the Canadian American Border Trade Alliance’s annual policy conference in Washington on Wednesday.. He says while there may be differences between America’s trading partnership with Canada and Mexico, but trade with Canada totals more than $680 Billion Dollars while trade with Mexico Totals about $500 Billion per year..   and he continued by saying the US and Canada support more than eight million jobs across the country..  Including more than 20,000 jobs in New York’s 21st district..   Congressman Owens is co-chairman of the Congressional Northern Border Caucus..  Any Border policy discussion, he says, has to account for the fact that Canada is the nation’s leading trading partner and while congress is grappling with many complicated policy issues, he says, we can’t forget the important economic relationship between Canada and the United States..  The Can Am Border Trade Association is a group of public and private sector partners who facilitate stronger relationships between the United States and Canada so trade, travel, and tourism across the northern border is as safe and efficient as possible.