Govt Shutdown Impacts Adirondack Regional Airport

The Government Shutdown is affecting more than just Washington… At the Adirondack Regional Airport, work has stopped abruptly on the repair and replacement of the VOR flight navigation system used by both Commercial Aircraft and General Aviation Flights in and out of Lake Clear.. The Unit is located in a building near the main runway and would usually be helpful in providing information about a planes location in relation to the airport. Airport Manager Corey Hurwich says the funding still exists and provided the federal government can work out it’s problems the airport should still have it’s navigation tool repaired and upgraded.. The only difference now, it may have to wait until spring..Airport Apron - SLIDE

The effect of halting repair on the unit doesn’t affect ongoing traffic in and out of the airport however, both commercial and most general aviators use three or four different systems to navigate. The one that is out of service at the Adirondack Regional Airport can be replaced by one of these other systems. The FAA, however, relies on the VOR to help planes navigate throughout the Northeast and SLK is part of that network.

AUDIO – 101113 – Airport VOR vs Government Shutdown


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