Lake Placid Says Goodbye to a Not So Colorful Parking Past

MacKay Meters - MAINThe Village Board will be spending $81,000 on Upgrades to the Parking Meters and their Monitor Screens in the next 6 weeks… 37 meters currently have the old Black and White screen and following Monday’s decision, those screens will become color screens and are designed to be visible any time of the day and with any amount of sunshine..   In addition to the screens, Units with Dollar Bill Collectors will be moved from slower locations to the more active locations up on Main Street.. At which time, the village will re-visit the possibility of installing more of the bill units where needed.

The Vote was not unanimous, Trustee Devlin and Trustee Holderied voted in favor of replacing the screens…. Trustee Leon and Trustee Monroe voted in opposition of the replacement.. And the Mayor broke the tie by voting in favor of replacement.

The work by MacKay Meters out of Quebec will take about 6 weeks and will include upgrades to the meter CPUs and upgrades to the software and back end accounting infrastructure. During the discussion, Trustee Monroe commented that the board should consider adding a line item to the budget which would create a contingency fund for the meters so that next time, the entire amount doesn’t have to come out of the general fund..

AUDIO – 102213 – Village of Lake Placid Parking Meter Upgrades

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