Local Residency Law for Lake Placid Employees Repealed

A New Law in the Village of Lake Placid will become official once filed with the secretary of state.. Or to be more specific, an OLD law will be made obsolete…

The Village of Lake Placid has voted to eliminate residency restrictions for employees of the village.. Lake Placid Mayor Craig Randall.. says while the old law covered all employees, and required that they live in the Village of Lake Placid, repealing the law will allow the Village Board to specify residency requirements on an individual basis and the State’s law will cover the key village officers.. The Village has been dealing with a limited employment pool, especially when it comes to fire drivers, which is one of the motivators for allowing village employees to live outside of the district..

AUDIO – 102213 – Local 1982 Residency Law in Lake Placid Repealed

Randal says The Lake Placid DPW is looking to fill a position, as well as other departments..  and in the past, a village employee would have to move into the village within 6 months of employment..  but now that restriction will be removed…  Trustee Art Devlin says the village already has the layer of the department heads and in his experience he doesn’t remember an time when a department head, given the choice between two candidates, wouldn’t choose someone that was local…

LP VIllage Board 102113 - THUMBThe Law won’t officially be adopted until it’s accepted for filing with the Secretary of State, but in the meantime, The wording in the old law allows up to 6 months for village employees to work without residency…  Recognizing this, the board has also approved the appointment of David L Wood to the position of Fire Driver..  David currently has almost 9 years with the KeeneCentralSchool, He’s also been employed by the ElizabethtownLewisCentralSchool in both cases as a bus driver.. before that he was a fire driver for Lake Placid and a bus driver in the school district. The board voted to approve the Mayor’s Appointment, and David will become a Driver for the Lake Placid Fire Department… Mayor Randall commented that the village may have to consider it’s pay structure for qualified personnel in order to remain competitive with other municipalities and to increase the pool of applicants in the future..

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