Mr Mayor – Tear Down That Wall – Oh Wait – It Already Fell Down..

There’s a 12,500 square foot wall at the Lake Placid Fire Department which as retaining walls go, isn’t doing a very good job.. in fact part of the wall has fallen in…. The wall runs parallel to Mill Pond Drive and is made up of old railroad ties about 8 feet high.. It’s there to make room for parking, and for the emergency vehicles to enter and exit the garage…  Trustee Peter Holderied says the $69,120 proposal to repair the wall could be reduced by almost $10,000… By reducing the height of the wall, and maintaining the footing underground at about a foot, they can knock enough square footage off the wall to save about $10,000.00

Lake Placid Retaining Wall

Board members suggested that this could be treated as an emergency repair.. But based on previous rulings throughout the state, Although the wall has fallen in it’s repair doesn’t fit those guidelines and because the investment exceeds $35,000 the repair work will have to be put out for bid… Trustee Holderied says he’ll be working with their consulting engineer to develop a simple set of specifications for the new retaining wall which can then go out for bid to contractors..

Lake Placid Retaining Wall - THUMB AUDIO – 102213 – Lake Placid Fire Dept Retaining Wall

The Board hopes to have a new wall in place before the full brunt of winter sets in..

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