North Elba Expects to Exceed 1.66% Tax Cap

The Town of North Elba may be headed for a budget showdown with Governor Cuomo’s Tax Cap initiative…  At their meeting in November the board plans to get ahead of the curve and prepare for an eventuality that may require the budget to exceed the state’s requirement.. North Elba Supervisor Robi Politi says it’s going to be very difficult for the Town of North Elba to meet the tax cap of 1.66% for 2014….  Councilman Bob Miller pointed out that just one of the goals such as removal of the Commercial Dumping Mound at the Landfill , or Purchase of New Equipment will bring the numbers up above 1.66%..

AUDIO – 100913 – North Elba Tax Cap Comments from Robi Politi

Politi Continued by saying it’s unfortunate that the state has fixed a cap on taxes statewide without consideration for the special situations that towns and counties may be in…Politi says he doesn’t want to see their constituents suffer from their not having the proper equipment or not being able to pave roads that are in desperate need just because the state wants them to stay under the tax cap. The Town Board will begin with a budget proposal that includes everything on the wish list and cut it down to the most important expenditures over the next several months.. The Resolution calling for a local law to exceed the cap will be formalized in the second week of November..

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