ROOST presents The State of Regional Tourism – Tonight

Representatives from the Regional Office of Sustainable Tourism (ROOST) will conduct a presentation at the Harrietstown Hall in SaranacLake at 6:30 p.m. on Wednesday, October 16. The presentation is a cooperative effort of the Village of Saranac Lake, the Town of Harrietstown and the Saranac Lake Area Chamber of Commerce.  Chamber Executive Director Katy VanAnden commented: “The work being done by ROOST to make the Saranac Lake Area a tourism destination is critical to every business in the area, and to every local event, that counts on visitors to make a difference in their bottom line,” adding that “the Chamber strongly encourages all businesses to attend the presentation, and to participate in efforts to make our area a world-class tourism destination.”

Regional Office of Sustainable TourismIn May, 2013, ROOST entered into agreements with FranklinCounty, the Town of Harrietstown, the Village of Saranac Lake, and the Saranac Lake Area Chamber of Commerce, with the support of the Town of North Elba and EssexCounty, to develop a proactive destination marketing effort for SaranacLake.  Tonight ROOST will present an educational overview of current destination marketing trends, and an update on the regional destination marketing efforts undertaken to date. A full conversion analysis will be conducted at the close of the contract year in the spring of 2014.  “I’m looking forward to ROOST’s presentation, but I also understand that this is a snapshot in time and that the data that will be presented is preliminary. We really do need a longer timeframe in order to accurately measure the impact of their marketing effort,” commented Tim Burpoe, Franklin County Legislator.  “With two new hotels planned for Saranac Lake, continuing the support for ROOST is a critical investment for our community over the next few years,” said Saranac Lake Village Trustee Paul Van Cott, adding “The combination of world-class destination marketing services with new and existing hotel rooms has the potential to be the most significant economic driver for the Saranac Lake Area economy in a generation.”  Harrietstown Councilman Ron Keough, who has been organizing the presentation with Trustee Van Cott, said “We hope that everyone with a stake in the tourism economy will turn out for this presentation. We have invited FranklinCounty legislators and other representatives to join us. Our hope is that the presentation will provide documentation that will assist elected officials in all of our municipalities to continue participation in this positive initiative to promote economic growth for our area businesses.”