Saranac Lake Switches to Emergency 911 Dispatch

Franklin County 911On Thursday this week, Emergency Services within the Saranac Lake Fire and Rescue District will be finalizing a change in their operational structure which will re-direct all emergency calls to Franklin County 911…  We spoke with  Saranac Lake Police Chief Bruce Nason about the changeover. he says currently when someone dials 911 for a law enforcement emergency, after Novermber 1st, when they forward that call, it will be forwarded to the State Police in Ray Brook..  Administrative numbers can still be addressed directly to the Saranac Lake Police Department Offices..

AUDIO – 102813 – Emergency Services 911 changes on November 1st in Saranac Lake

Saranac Lake Village Manager John Sweeney says there is one important change which needs the attention of residents who contract with Alarm Companies to place calls on their behalf…  On Thursday, The local emergency numbers will become automated and ask you to call 911 in the event of an emergency, but alarm companies calling from outside the region will need to change the phone number they have on file to the Franklin County Emergency Services line.. That number is 483-1211 One thing Chief Nason Recommends is to make sure you have all of the important information ready to give to the emergency operator.. for example, in larger buildings is to provide a specific entrance location… The Schools in SaranacLake for example, have large numbers over each door so that anyone calling 911 can easily identify where the emergency is in the building. Nason says it’s important especially for managers of larger facilities to have an emergency plan that includes an easy way to identify the location of an emergency.. Numbering doors is one effective way to accomplish that goal.. in addition, it’s important to remember to post your street number in a visible location with reflective numbers so that emergency services can easily find your home or business..   911 is already operating so there’s no reason to wait to change your auto dialer for emergencies.. and alarm companies outside of the Franklin County 911 service area should be told to call 518-483-1211


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