Tax relief panel forms

Gov. Andrew Cuomo on Wednesday recruited two former political foes who were also rivals to his own earlier ambitions to head a commission tasked with finding ways of reducing property and businesses taxes.

The Tax Relief Commission, co-chaired by former Gov. George Pataki and former Comptroller H. Carl McCall, must submit its recommendations by Dec. 6 — in time for Cuomo’s January State of the State speech.

The recommendations, Cuomo said, will then be a “centerpiece” of his legislative agenda in 2014 — an election year for both lawmakers and the governor.

“I look forward to receiving the commission’s recommendations this December so we can include measures in next year’s legislative agenda,” Cuomo said.

The governor, who made his announcement in Westchester — one of the state’s political swing regions where property and school taxes are a constant complaint — attempted to contrast his work with the dysfunction in Washington that has led to the federal shutdown.

“We’ve seen the alternative in Washington. We’ve seen what gridlock can do,” he said.

“In a situation like Washington; everybody loses,” he added. “Luckily in this state we’ve had the exact opposite experience … I’ve worked very hard to reach across the aisle.”

Cuomo in 2002 had launched an effort ………..

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