Voter contends pro-casino bias in ballot language

A Brooklyn voter unhappy with what he sees as pro-casino advocacy in the state’s ballot language is suing the Board of Elections in an attempt to stop a vote on changing the state constitution to expand casino gambling in the state.

Eric J. Snyder complains the state is showing a bias in favor of passing the referendum on the Nov. 5 ballot with wording promising economic and other gains. The proposition would allow for up to seven new casinos in New York.

A 52-year-old attorney who earned his degree from the University at Buffalo in 1987, Snyder opposes the state board’s approval of language describing the legislative intent of the casino expansion for the purpose of “promoting job growth, increasing aid to schools, and permitting local government to lower property taxes.”

John Conklin, a spokesman for the elections board, had no comment. He said he could not say who authored the language that is the subject of the suit filed Tuesday in state Supreme Court in Albany.

Snyder said the way the board is offering up the proposition “constitutes the use of public money to advocate the position of a public institution, in violation of the New York State Constitution.” He said the ………..

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