What wasn't on the table for BOE


Monday’s meeting of the state Board of Elections was most remarkable for an item that wasn’t taken up: Kathleen O’Keefe’s nomination as its new enforcement counsel.

O’Keefe, who would replace the recently retired Liz Hogan, served for a decade in the counsel’s office of Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver. The Greene County attorney has worked for Democratic campaigns, including Cecilia Tkaczyk’s state Senate victory over Republican George Amedore.

Although the board had been expected to take up the vacancy at Monday’s meeting, it adjourned without discussing the subject or moving into executive session.

Spokesman John Conklin said, “The commissioners are still evaluating filling the position.” Deputy Enforcement Counsel William McCann is running the department in the interim.

O’Keefe said she remains a candidate for the job.

Monday’s meeting was not without drama, as the board defended itself from what one commissioner called a “misconception” that its bipartisan structure — two Democrats, two Republicans — results in gridlock.

The subject came up during a staff report on the board’s upcoming public testimony before Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s Moreland Act panel on public corruption. The board came in for heavy criticism in the first two hearings held by the panel.

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