37 Lead the Way at Saranac Lake High School

How do Students in Saranac Lake develop leadership skills.. They go to Pok-O-MacCready.  Amanda Zullo was their adviser.. She worked with High School Principle Josh Dann and the Directors at Pok-O-MacCready.. 32 faculty and staff nominated 43 students for the leadership program and in the end a committee of 5 teachers helped to select the final group of students..There were 9 ninth graders, 8 tenth graders, 14 juniors and 7 seniors and among them 28 were girls and 10 boys. Students formed into 4 groups of varying gender and grade level and participated in team building activities through the day and projects designed to promote leadership skills and a better knowledge and understanding of what it means to be a leader.

AUDIO – 110713 – SLCHS Student Leadership Training Presentation

The group of 37 kids brought back several ideas for the school as part of this retre

at as well including an after school snack bar with food – perhaps run by different groups in the school for fundraising.. Other ideas included a No Strings Attached Dress Up Day whether Career, Sport or holiday oriented and additional intramural sports activities like kickball, Frisbee, jeopardy and others… Another suggestion from the group that caught the School Board’s attention was the return of the Pumpkin Bowl in the form of a DAFFEST Flower Bowl in the spring…

SLCHS Leadership -


The Kids bring back The art of listening, getting things started without doing it all yourself, going above and beyond.. and they learn what to do when left goes right…  Zullo commented that sometimes it’s not the most outspoken in a group who become the leaders, it could be someone you might never expect.

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