Goetz / Keough Win in Harrietstown Race

Chad McCarthy read the numbers while finalizing the tally in the Harrietstown Town Hall Tuesday Night as Barb Rice wins the District 7 County Legislator seat…  In the Town of Harrietstown, All three candidates for the 4 year term were within 52 votes of each other…  We asked Ed Goetz for his thoughts following the announcement of the results..

Ed Goetz received 567 votes… I asked him if he thought the voters were making a statement.. (more to come)

Councilman Ron Keough received 540 votes and retains his seat on the board… The other contender, Patti Meagher…  received 515 votes.. a close race for the two available full term seats…

One other seat was available for the unexpired term in the Town of Harrietstown and it’s going to be filled by Howard Riley who receives 549 votes..  Republican Jerry Gillmet received 346 votes…  Democracts had chosen the lobby of the Town Hall as a gathering spot and it was a bit hectic but everyone was in good spirits as it appears the Democratic Party was able to bring out the vote in this mid term election… Howard Riley spoke with the Media about his feelings..

Riley continued by saying there’s a list he’s made and highlighted a few of the items he’d like to focus on..

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