K&J – Trudeau’s Original Manuscript Unveiled

Towards the end of his life, Dr Edward Livingston Trudeau received a package from his publisher.. It was the original transcript of his autobiography and until Friday, November 15th, it had never been opened…   Finally in 2013, The package was laid out on a special table at Trudeau Institute and with the exception of several wax seals on the string tied around the brown wrapping, this looked like any other package one might deliver..  The honor of opening the package would go to Mary Hotaling who is currently working on an update to Dr Trudeau’s Autobiography…  Dr Andrea Cooper is the Francis B. Trudeau Chair in Tuberculosis and Related Research at Trudeau Institute she spoke about the importance of their research

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The new book, is called “A Rare Romance in Medicine: the Life and Legacy of Edward Livingston Trudeau,” and is written by Mary B. Hotaling, former executive director of Historic Saranac Lake..  Hotaling’s book is based on E.L. Trudeau’s “An Autobiography,” which was published in 1915..  The new book is a co-publication of the Trudeau Institute, HistoricSaranacLake, the Saranac Lake Free Library, and Adirondack Life magazine. The project is being managed by art historian Caroline Welsh…   and in the background, we listened in on Mary Hotaling’s historic unveiling of the original manuscript….esearch even today, as locations in Africa are experiencing strains of TB which are not susceptible to immunization..

An array of historic items writings and books are available for view at the Saranac Lake Free Library, and the original Manuscript is now on loan to author Mary Hotaling who is working to complete an update of Dr Trudeau’s Autobiography by the 100th anniversary of the original publication in 1915…

K&J – 111813 – Mary Hotaling Opens Original Trudeau Manuscript at Trudeau Institute

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