Measuring the Visual Impact of a New Historic Icon

If you’ve been wondering how the new Riverside Hotel might fit into the landscape on Lake Flower Avenue, there’s no need to wait any longer… That’s because four balloons are floating 60 feet and 90 feet above the ground on Lake Flower Avenue.. The Two Orange Balloons which are used only for digital mapping are floating at 90 feet above the ground.. The Height of the proposed project is marked by the two blue balloons which are floating about three feet above the actual proposed height of the Hotel’s roof line.. Chris Lebarge is the project’s coordinator, he says there have to be four balloons in order to accomodate the digital mapping process so that a picture of the proposed hotel can be inserted into the 9 different shots from around the area to give the APA and the Village a better look at what the impact will really be. On Wednesday afternoon we spoke with Rich Tershman, who  is a resident of the neighborhood and the Service Writer at Fogarty’s Marina next door to the project.. He said he likes the idea of capping the height at the Blue Baloons, which are floating about three feet above the top of the roofline..

AUDIO – 112113 – Riverside Hotel Visual Study Balloons


The balloons are an important part of the visual impact study.. which will eventually give the APA and the Village a virtual look at the building so they can assess the impact of the project on the landscape there. LeBarge tells WNBZ they’re the Riverside Hotel Project in such a way that it will fit into the historic architecture of Saranac Lake and Hopefullly become an icon for the community and a destination location on it’s own..


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