Owens “Trade Relationship is Critical”

U.S. Congressman Bill Owens addressed the 19th Annual Canadian American Business Council’s (CABC) Ottawa Summit as part of the conference’s Canada/U.S. Lawmaker Roundtable. The two-day conference focused on the future of Canada-U.S. trade relations. The roundtable included two other panelists, MP Rob Merrifield and MP Don Davies. Owens and his Canadian counterparts discussed cross-border issues and trade agreements between the U.S. and Canada.

Owens outlined the many positive economic effects that improved economic cooperation between the U.S. and Canadian Government could have in New York.  While highlighting important progress to date, like investments in port-of-entry infrastructure and the expansion of the NEXUS program, Congressman Owens also emphasized the importance of working together to realize the enormous untapped potential within the world’s largest bilateral trade and investment partnership.

BILL OWENS at Business Council - SLIDE

“The trade relationship between the United States and Canada is critical to our economy,” Congressman Bill Owens said. “Making that relationship stronger will help usher in a North American century, marked by mutual economic growth and the seamless, secure flow of goods and people across our northern border.”

Several hundred business executives, policymakers and academics attended the event, at which Owens was recognized as a leading proponent of U.S./Canada trade relations. At a lunch event following the forum, Owens met with Mr. Louis Chênevert, CEO of United Technologies; Lt. General Charles Bouchard (ret.), Country Lead of Lockheed Martin Canada; and several other Canadian business leaders who do business in the United States.

Other leaders that participated in the conference’s events included former Vermont Governor Howard Dean, Assistant Secretary of the U.S. Department of Homeland Security Alan Bersin, and Canadian Minister of International Trade Ed Fast.

The Canadian American Business Council is a non-partisan, non-profit organization that works with private sector businesses and governments in the U.S. and Canada to increase cross-border trade and dialogue. According to the organization’s website, its member-companies collectively employ about two million people and earn annual revenues close to $1.5 trillion. The U.S. Ambassador to Canada and his Canadian Counterpart co-chair the CABC Advisory Board, which includes retired ambassadors, former U.S. Congressman Jon LaFalce and former Canadian Senator Jack Austin, among others.

Congressman Owens is the co-chairman of the Congressional Northern Border Caucus. The bipartisan group of lawmakers works to promote and enhance the nation’s trade relationship with Canada.

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