State Education Commissioner Deserves Detention!

New York’s Education Commissioner is Doctor John B King Jr… and as far as the Saranac Lake School Board is concerned – He’s not paying any attention to school districts across New York State who are saying enough is enough…… Don Carlisto is the Co-President of the Teachers Association in Saranac Lake He spoke at the School Board meeting about a new committee working to develop common themes for advocacy among administrators and faculty in the Saranac Lake School District. One of those themes came out loud and clear as the board began to discuss Common Core Standards and the lack of any willingness to listen or even consider options by the New York State Education Commissioner King.  Saranac Lake School District Superintendent Diane Fox says when it comes to all of the discussions and public forums with Education Commissioner King has done, It all boils down to Common Core Learning Standards..Testing Requirements and inevitably, the conversation turns negative because the commissioner is unwilling to listen to any other opinions or strategies beyond his own. Fox continues by saying that with every roll out of the state standards since they came out in 1999 there have been concerns voiced about their rigor and developmental appropriateness..School Board Member Terry Turbity added that the key is to be very clear when speaking with the commissioner that they’re not just saying “NO” to the Commissioner.. but rather make sure he understands that Saranac Lake is taking action to solve problems they see in the accelerated implementation of the common core regulations.

AUDIO – 110713 – SLCSB – Common Core and Common Positions on Testing and Standards

The School Board is not alone in their opposition to the blind direction taken by the commissioner but in Saranac Lake, they’re setting the bar for other districts to keep an eye on as they propose new ways to implement new teaching standards… and even though the School Board has been very critical of Commissioner King, Fox is very clear about their goals when it comes to the students..

Diane Fox

A public Education Forum for the entire North Country is Scheduled Next Thursday in Plattsburgh to continue the discussion about the commissioner’s inappropriate acceleration and implementation of the new common core curriculum.  The Forum’s Keynote Speech will be given by Assemblywoman Janet Duprey..

The event will be held at Plattsburgh State University Thursday November 14th at 6pm.

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