The Squeaky Wheel Gets the Grease.. At Least in Harrietstown

It appears the Department of Environmental Conservation and the Federal Emergency Management Agency have gotten the message about the importance of speeding up the permitting for repair of the retaining wall behind the Harrietstown Town Hall in Saranac Lake.. Councilman Ron Keough says he thinks there has been more reaction by FEMA and the DEC now because of their certified letter (Which put the agencies on notice that they would be liable should there be another flood event that caused damage)  In addition to local legislators, The Town Board Thursday, also acknowledged receipt of an unsolicited letter of support from the Village of Malone.. Saying they stand firmly behind Harrietstown’s municipal duty to repair the wall.. Harrietstown Supervisor Bob Bevilacqua reading from a letter of support from the village of Malone which says the DEC and FEMA have placed property and residents at risk for no valid reason..

AUDIO – 100813 – Some Progress for the Town of Harrietstown in River Wall Repair

DEC and FEMA representatives toured the site on Thursday at a meeting which the Supervisor Characterized as more productive than previous meetings to resolve the issue.. Again Councilman Ron Keough

Keough says the agencies have given them a reasonable amount of assurance that if the town’s engineers can provide a reasonable amount of needed information, The permitting process should be squared away and brought back to the village for them to re-issue the permit within two weeks..  The Councilman also commented that a close inspection of the location by agency representatives helped them better understand the importance of an expedited permitting process.. 

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