First Public Comment Opens for Lake Flower Lodging Project

The Village of Saranac Lake Planning Board is holding a special meeting tomorrow night at 7PM in the Village Offices on Main Street in Saranac Lake. The Board plans to review an updated Sketch Plan Application submitted by Lake Flower Lodging, for their proposed destination hotel and conference facility on LakeFlower. The Planning Board also plans to open the discussion to the public making this the first opportunity for the public to comment on and ask questions about the proposal.


Community Development Director Jeremy Evans says “The Planning Board will be reviewing the application for completeness… And he added…  the public comment is not required at this stage in the process, but they will open the floor to the public for comments”

The next step, once the application is deemed complete, is for the Planning Board to issue an advisory report to the Village Board. Evans stressed that there will be plenty of additional opportunities for the public to comment on the project. “The Planned Urban Development Process includes several public hearings to insure that there is adequate public input.”

If you would like to view the Sketch Plan Application.. It’s on file in the Village of Saranac Lake Community Development Offices…

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