Plattsburgh City Marina Plans Stalled

Councilors in The City of Plattsburgh are slowing down on the question of developing a City Marina by the Spring of 2014…    Two resolutions both failed to get a majority of the votes, one in favor of retaining Nav marine to manage the facility and the other in favor of  Plattsburgh Boat Basin, which manages the marina next to the city docks… The negative votes weren’t necessarily aimed at the two suitors for management of the City marina but rather towards portions of the original Request for Proposals which allowed for a 15 year lease term.. During discussion, Councilwoman Becky Kasper expressed her appreciation and gratitude to the two companies vying for the right to manage the property.. “15 years is a long time, however, to have the city enter into a lease agreement without a plan.” Kasper continued by saying she felt there wasn’t a lot of clarity when it comes to what the community wants in it’s waterfront..  Councilwoman Rachelle Armstrong Mirrored those sentiments saying she to had reservations about the 15 year term which would be required as part of accepting either of the proposals.. Both  resolutions included a provision for a one year temporary arrangement with the winning bidder to allow for a more detailed inspection and assessment of the building which remains in disrepair following the flooding as well as the expense involved in improving the overall property..  Corporation Counsel John Clute told the board Thursday evening that he believed a 15 year lease is an acceptable time frame..

AUDIO – 013114 – Plans for Plattsburgh City Marina Stall in the details

Councilman Josh Kretser commented that he believes everyone on the board agrees that something needs to be done.. but that the plan was done very exclusively, instead of reaching out to organizations like the chamber and others outside of just the City of Plattsburgh.. Mayor James Calnon spoke to the media following the two down votes and said he was a little disappointed that they don’t have an action plan in place for spring.. But, he said they have no plans to abandon the two companies who have been vying for the right to manage the property and the marina.. Calnon says he hopes The next step for the council will be to hold a worksession to begin to discuss the possibilities as they relate to keeping the possibility of having a marina in 2014 alive.

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