K&J – Saranac Lake Water and Sewer Project on Broadway

The Village of Saranac Lake is finalizing plans for a major infrastructure project in April that could change the flow of traffic through the village, not only at night when the road will be closed completely and most of the work is planned, but also during the day when Broadway will become one way heading into downtown..  Chris Lawton is a consultant for Barton & Lojudice Engineers in Syracuse.. They’re in charge of the alternative water source project which the village has been working on since 2008..  One part of this project will be focused specifically on repairing the sewer line which in some places along the line remains at risk of collapse..  Jim Dugan is with AES Northeast, he’s in charge of the Sewer Project..

K&J – 011614 – Saranac Lake Water Sewer Project on Broadway

The flow of traffic in Saranac Lake during the construction in April will become more of a circular pattern, with traffic allowed to flow one way into downtown during the day on Broadway and with this particular project, the construction notices will be placed on all of the major thoroughfares entering the village so that larger delivery vehicles and trucks will be able to identify alternative routes well before coming near the work zone..  One other item that Chris says is an issue they’ve identified as problematic is parking in the area, especially since they’ve reserved much of the lot behind community bank for storage of the materials they’ll need for the overnight work..

Village Manager John Sweeney says they’ve created a map for parking which is colored and identifies locations for the public to park..

One of the other primary issues with a construction project on all three major systems, water, sewer and the storm drains is going to be the supply of water to each of the buildings while the work is being done.. For that we spoke to Kevin Pratt who is in charge of the water delivery system as well as operations at the wastewater treatment plant in SaranacLake..

Kevin says they’ll be in constant contact with building owners and residents and if the weather does drop below freezing, they’ll be sure to work with everyone to assure that water is in fact running to avoid a freezing condition in the temporary water supply..

On Wednesday Night, the village held a special public information meeting to explain how the project will work and to address any issues local businesses in that area might face.. Cathy Moore is Publisher of the Adirondack Daily Enterprise. The Newspaper uses Water for their printing, and large 18 wheelers are making deliveries to the EnterpriseBuilding..  We spoke to her about the possibility of opening the divide between the Rite Aid Parking Lot and their lot to temporarily accommodate some of the larger vehicles..

Following the presentation, we spoke with Village Trustee Allie Pellitiere about the work they’ve put into this project over the last few years..

Pellitiere also commented that there’s more work to be done this spring over and above the Broadway Water, Sewer, Storm Drain Replacement..

We caught up with Saranac Lake DPW Superintendent Jeff Dora and asked him about some of the work they’ll be doing as part of the big project and then in addition during the balance of the work season..

The Project should be completed within 8 to 10 weeks – If all goes well they’ll be done with the paving of Broadway just after memorial Day.. 

CLick here for a pdf of the construction maps and parking plans

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