Locking in Plattsburgh’s 2014 Tax Rate

The first major decision for new Council members in the City of Plattsburgh comes this week as Thursday will mark the vote to lock in the City’s Tax Rate…   Plattsburgh Mayor James Calnon tells WNBZ the new council does have the ability to amend the budget when necessary.. The key vote will be to solidify the taxpayer’s expenses. “The important thing is to lock in the Tax rate for residents of the CIty. The rest of the budget can be adjusted as needed to accomodate more revenue, or added expenses.”

The City’s 2013 Property Tax rate is $10.76 per thousand dollars of assessed value.. Total Appropriations in 2013 were at Fifty Three Million, Two Hundred and Seventy Four Thousand, Eight Seven Dollars..   While not a unique situation for Plattsburgh, the board, with the exception of the Mayor is a new board and will have to ratify a budget set forth, for the most part by a previous administration… One of the key issues is whether or not to put off that vote until the board will have had enough time to review some of the more pertinent issues..

The Proposed Budget, with a few modifications will come in around Fifty Four Million, Two Hundred and Thirteen Thousand Four Hundred and Seventy Two…  an increase of Nine hundred and Thirty Nine Thousand dollars… or about 1.76% over 2013….

The Library services that are offered are controlled by it’s own board of trustees and consequently not controlled by the council, but by the board of regents which sets the Library system apart from other departments..  In 2014, the proposed budget shows an increase of about $6,000.00.. essentially less than one tenth of one percent of an increase over 2013..

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