NTSB Addresses Risks of Transporting Crude Oil

The National Transportation Safety Board, the government agency that investigates transportation incidents and issues recommendations to prevent them, has issued a series of recommendations to address the risks associated with transporting crude oil by rail. In what the NTSB called “an unprecedented move,” these recommendations were issued in coordination with the Transportation Safety Board of Canada.  The announcement builds upon recent efforts by Representative Bill Owens and others to improve rail safety in the region…

In an email to WNBZ, Representative Owens said  “As we seek energy independence, we must make sure we are taking common sense steps to protect communities near railroads where trains carry crude oil,” and he continued by saying “We can find a sensible way to protect the public and the environment that allows businesses using our rail infrastructure to expand..”

Owens also said “The NTSB’s coordination with their Canadian counterparts on these recommendations is a promising step forward. He is reviewing the recommendations closely.”

In the next 30 days, industry leaders will work with the DOT to identify and implement immediate steps they can voluntarily take to improve the safety of transporting crude oil.

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