Bridging The Gap Between NCCC and SLHS

North Country Community College Advanced Placement Courses or Bridge courses have been offered to area Schools now for many years but the Saranac Lake School Board is making the offering of these courses a priority. Maureen Sales is the Assistant Dean of Grants and funded programs at North Country Community College. She helps facilitate the relationship between the College and the local Area high school. The school administrators find that the students not only like taking a more challenging course but they actually have a product at the end, a transferable college credit. Theses courses often give students a head start on core courses like Mathematics and Biology he or she will inevitably face when entering either a two or four year institution. North Country Community College faculty work closely with the high school instructors, whom must have a Masters degree in their field, to make sure the courses are at college level standards. Because the college level courses are actually taught at the high school by High School instructors, the cost of these courses is considerably less than if it were taken in a college setting at only 50 dollars per 3 credit course. Sales says even if the student is planning on enlisting in the military, having college credits under their belt means a higher pay grade for that enlistee. Christine Bell is a Guidance counselor at SaranacLakeHigh School and she says they encourage all students to take advantage of these courses if nothing else but a trial and error to find the field they want to continue with. She says they have a lot of students who take advantage of the program. At a recent meeting of the Saranac Lake Central School Board, Superintendent Diane Fox broke down the numbers for participation in AP and college level courses at the High School…51 students are currently taking an AP level course..99 students are taking bridge courses.

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