Downtown Advisory Board Honors Ice Palace Chair Dean Baker

IPW AwardThe Village of Saranac Lake Downtown Advisory Board has presented a Certificate of Appreciation to the Ice Palace Workers Local 101 – the group of volunteers who contribute time and talents to the building of Saranac Lake’s annual Winter Carnival Ice Palace on the shores of Lake Flower.

Each February, the Ice Palace is the most recognizable symbol of our community’s annual cure for cabin fever. The structure – different every year – represents so much of what Saranac Lakers – and Adirondackers – hold dear: our environmental resources, the ability to get out and enjoy the outdoors, the creative spirit, and the volunteerism at the center of our communities.

The Downtown Advisory Board (DAB), recently created by the Saranac Lake Village Board, periodically selects an individual, group, or business that exhibits a spirit of cooperation and selflessness that can be a model for the rest of us.

The Ice palace remains standing even after the Carnival concludes, and continues to draw visitors, day and night, until  it is brought down to return to the lake from which its blocks were cut. The structure has year-round benefits to Saranac Lake. People who come to see it get to enjoy the Village’s other amenities, including Downtown Saranac Lake, and spread the word about us to friends and family far and wide.

Dean Baker, Chairman of the Ice Palace Workers, was presented with the Certificate of Appreciation by the DAB’s Gail Brill and Tim Fortune.  Local residents who wish to nominate someone for an appreciation are invited to submit names for consideration to the DAB, care of Saranac Lake Village Community Development Department.

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