K&J – A Changing Paradigm for Plattsburgh’s City Council

The City of Plattsburgh is reinventing their vision for the Dock Street Landing site and the rest of the city owned waterfront on Lake Champlain. Counselor Josh Kretzer Explains in Thursday Evening’s Work session.. “We’re hoping to join with other leaders in the region to help coordinate planning for the waterfront.” Bob Smith from Vision2Action and the Destination Master Plan committee told the council if he were looking at this from their point of view, he would look at the project from the long run..  Smith commented that it’s probably a wise idea to put this off and look deeper into it -

Phil Bombargin from the Town of Plattsburgh Planning Department says last summer they applied for a waterfront revitalization plan grant and during they were awarded a $25,000 matching grant which means the Town has a $50,000 dollar budget for a water front plan. he offered the opportunity for the City to share resources with the town if possible.

K&J – 020714 – A Paradigm Shift in the City of Plattsburgh and Planning for the City’s Waterfront

Bombargin continued by suggesting that there might be some opportunity for the City to join in the process to combine efforts and utilize similar experts in their work..  One of the participants in the Marina Work session is Ty Kretzer…  and while his brother Josh is a councilor, Ty brings his own experience to the conversation.. Suggesting the possiblity for the bigger picture which could include all aspects of the needs of the community with grant funding and a local partnership. Ward 2 Councilman Mike Kelly took a moment thanks Councilor Kretzer for working to bring everyone to the table for the discussion…

Kristy Kennedy from the Chamber of Commerce is responsible for coordinating the fishing tournaments through the summer and she was asked how development on the waterfront could affect the interest and participation of the tournament organizers..  And she continued by saying the destination master plan says waterfront is a key reason why visitors come to the region and developing it any way possible is the goal of the master plan..

Councilwoman Becky Kasper is an advocate on the board for building a plan that stakeholders can take ownership and she said she’s afraid that people in Plattsburgh will look at their decisions to hold off on choosing a proposal for the marina last week, and the discussions they’re holding now..

Councilman Paul O’Connell, speaking about his work on the council says he’s most interested in representing the residents in his ward, and when they voted down the two proposals last week they didn’t really have a chance to comment on the proposals and their views for how things should proceed..  O”Connell referred to a community development office which used to exist in the City prior to Mayor Kasprzack – Suggesting the position should be reinstated.

Councilman Dowdle suggested a careful approach to avoid competing with local businesses. Councilwoman Becky Kasper countered Dowdle’s thoughts saying if you are too cautious and allow things to be stagnant there can be a negative impact but if you add something more you then you bring everyone up and people are going to make more investment..  She continued by saying there are things that Plattsburgh doesn’t have and if the city were to shy away from adding things the community might need, then the city could be undercutting the best notion of competition in the marketplace and how that serves to develop and nourish the needs of the community..

Town Councilman Gerard Renedete who was re-appointed to his seat following the recent town election told the City Council he was pleased to see the progress and the interest among councilors in working with the entire region to develop a strategy that might become very successful for the Town and the City..

The Board agreed the meeting was productive and agreed to continue the discussions to find a way to begin moving forward on a project that would be good for the City of Plattsburgh.


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