Plattsburgh Consolidates Comprehensive Planning

When it comes to a community vision, the City of Plattsburgh may be farther ahead on the road to success than it realizes…

That’s Councilwoman Becky Kasper… She’s regularly expressed an interest in strengthening the overall vision of the city but has also been concerned about the expense which can sometimes be involved in identifying the priorities… as it turns out,  much of the work has already been done…  in fact, there are over $2 Million One Hundred and Seven Thousand Dollars in grants which have been given to Plattsburgh over the last 20 years for the specific purpose of identifying important projects, several of which have already begun..

One of the projects for which $20,000 is already available is the community vision and implementation strategy which the City Council will then be able to use as a foundation for updating it’s comprehensive plan, advancing the implementation of the Local Waterfront Revitalization Program by linking the waterfront to the community… and If that sounds somewhat familiar, it’s because the work is part of a 2009 Grant from the Department of State.. The Plattsburgh City Council is also considering the prospect of a Local Waterfront Revitalization program.. Regularly referred to as the LWRP…  Which has another $15,000 budgeted for consideration of priorities on the Plattsburgh Waterfront…  In addition, the council is hoping to be the recipient of a $100,000 Boating Infrastructure grant…  Councilwoman  Kasper says it’s important in the planning process to begin to take action while at the same time looking towards the future, overlapping funding and planning… 

Kasper also supports the idea of having a grant writer and someone who is focused on helping to make sense of all of the ideas and concepts that are available to the city…  One problem for long term planning and implementation is that elected officials don’t look at things in the same time frame as most citizens and the trick is to develop a plan for implementation which can outlast the political cycle..  and in Plattsburgh, The City appears to be moving towards the formation of a project advisory committee… a group of 15 stakeholders, whose goal will be to develop an overall look at their comprehensive plan, starting with all of the documents, and the work that’s already been completed in Plattsburgh through the last 20 years.. 

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