School Board Seeks Community Support to Remove Gap Elimination Adjustment

School boards across the North Country are heading to Albany in a few weeks to advocate for more school funding in the state budget… This year, more than any other it seems… Everyone is asking for the same thing…  Removal of the Gap Elimination Adjustment…

In SaranacLake, the school board is receiving unanimous support from their local municipalities and other organizations for support of a resolution calling for the removal of the Gap Elimination Adjustment which they’ll be delivering to legislators as well as the Governor..

The School Board’s Vice President Clyde Baker is hoping for more support from the Town of Harrietstown on Thursday and The Village of Saranac Lake on Monday unanimously voted in favor of supporting the school board’s call for reinstatement of the funding…

Baker told the board that the Removal of the Gap Elimination Adjustment would restore approximately $866,000 Dollars in Funding in next year’s budget alone..  The District’s Business manager Dan Bower says the district has been cutting costs since well before the implementation of the tax cap but in addition to the cost cutting, the state’s use of the GEA loophole has cut funding to a point which is causing serious financial strain on many districts throughout the North Country…  and that gap, he says is becoming more difficult to overcome every year…    The Saranac Lake School Board in their resolution asserts that adequate state funding is constitutionally mandated and essential to maintain the quality of public schools in the region.. The School Board, through it’s resolution also highlights the work they’ve been doing to cut costs over the past 8 years.. Closing Buildings, reducing staff and administrative costs among other cost cutting measures….  Again School Board Vice President Clyde Baker..

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