Students are the Bottom Line!

Lake Placid Central School Superintendent Roger Catania says when it comes to the fights in Albany over Education Policy.. It’s important to remember that the kids are the bottom line for Local School Districts..

Catania says the New York State Board of Regents has been re-evaluating some of their decisions about implementing the state’s education Reform Agenda over the last few weeks and in some of the changes they’ve sighted an uneven-ness of implementation.. 

This means that students who master a small percentage of the new common core exams may at this point receive a passing mark… at least for now… The Regents say their goal is to give high school students more time to meet these common core standards by delaying full implementation from this year’s ninth graders to this year’s fourth graders..  The Board of Regents have also decided to modify the scores which represent a passing grade.. Essentially, this is an administrative change that will adjust how local school districts identify students in need of academic intervention services…    In Lake Placid, Catania says the school’s administrative staff is trying to prioritize those aspects of the massive state reform agenda which they consider to be truly the best efforts towards educating kids regardless of what it may be called in terms of the legislative agendas..

AUDIO – 021914 – Lake Placid School Superintendent Roger Catania

If the State changes it’s direction… Hopefully, Catania added, they’ll be able to maintain what he believes is a straight and positive direction in Lake Placid which takes what’s good from this and tries not to be swayed by some of the challenges which come along with the reform agenda at the state level…

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