Council Reviews Plattsburgh’s Sidewalk Clearing Policy

030714 - Plattsburgh Sidewalk MapSnow is melting this weekend but the topic of slippery sidewalks isn’t going away..  Especially in Plattsburgh where the City Council is deliberating on the question of how to deal with residents who are required to clear their sidewalks..  The discussion begins with Councilwoman Becky Kasper referring to the code itself as a starting point and she continues by saying the code already suggests a dual approach.. She’s referencing an approach that requires good communication, which She suggests also means Plattsburgh needs a good website.. 

Sarah Fussy is a resident of Plattsburgh, she spoke to the City Council during their work session about her experiences as a runner…She says there are exceptions to the rule.. especially for people who simply don’t have the ability to clear their sidewalks but that there should be enforcement of the rules which are already in place. 

A member of the audience says he’s concerned that if he can’t stay on top of cleaning his portion of the walkways that the city might show up and do it for him and then charge him more than he can afford if he’s injured or if he can’t take care of it that particular day.. 

Councilwoman Rachelle Armstrong commented that there are things that the city can’t afford to do, but they can begin to work on a concept that doesn’t alienate people while at the same time watching out for the elderly and the sick..  Armstrong suggested in that case working with neighbors to care for the sidewalk on their property…

AUDIO – 030714 – Plattsburgh City Council Focuses on Sidewalks

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