Clinton County Sheriff; “Beware of Phishing Scheme”

The Clinton County sheriff’s office is actively investigating complaints of a potential phishing scheme in the region…

Residents say they’re receiving phone calls from an unknown male who claims you’ll be arrested if you hang up the phone…  In one case, the male, who identifies himself as “from the sheriff’s office,” stated that the homeowner failed to report for jury duty on the previous date, was now being held in contempt of court and that there was a warrant for that person’s arrest. and He continued by saying that if the person hung up the phone he would send an officer over to arrest her. The victim in this case became concerned and began trying to end the call, but  the male kept saying that “it was serious” and she should not hang up because if she did, she would be arrested. He asked for her cell phone number and attempted to confirm her address and date of birth.  He also began trying to convince her to buy a” voucher” at a local retailer. It sounded like the individual was attempting to bait her into sending some sort of Moneygram from the retailer to pay the “fine” for failing to appear in Court.

During this instance the victim grew hesitant, disconnected the call and has suffered no losses.

In a statement emailed to WNBZ, the Sheriff’s office says “This is not the only instance the they’re investigating but the content of the conversation is the same in all cases. The sheriff’s office does not solicit for money over the phone and would not handle any complaint in this manner.”  And it goes on to remind consumers never to give your personal information over the phone if you are not sure of whom you are speaking with and Always request the name of the officer and a number to call him/her back.

The Sheriff’s Office asks If you have received, or do receive a phone call such as the one described, obtain as much information as you can to include a name and phone number they can be reached at and turn it over to the authorities in your area.

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