Duprey Speaks to NYSCOPBA Corrections Officers

Assemblywoman Janet L Duprey attended a NYSCOPBA-sponsored rally at the Capitol on Tuesday where she spoke to hundreds of correction officers and supporters from across the state, including several from Chateaugay. The rally was a protest against the governor’s proposal to close four correctional facilities.

Duprey says “She will continue to work with my colleagues in the Legislature as we finalize our budget to convince the governor that this closure decision should be reconsidered. We must protect those who work in our prisons and prevent the negative impact the closures would have on the communities across the North Country,” said Duprey.

The proposal to close Chateaugay Correctional Facility and three others was done without consulting the Legislature and without consideration of the effect on local communities.  If Chateaugay Correctional closes, there will be an immediate loss of 111 jobs in this small town and the very real potential for further loss of jobs or closures of some businesses.

Of utmost concern is the continued safety of the men and women who work in our prisons. We have an obligation to assure the state prison system is right-sized to ensure that convicted criminals are in secured, well-staffed correctional facilities.  Decisions to close facilities placing our workforce in further danger cannot be implemented in order to balance the state budget.

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