Equalizing Saranac Lake’s School District Attendence

School Boards across the North Country are awaiting the final answers from Albany, State Education, and the Governor as to where the State’s Aid figures will fall into place… The Budget Proposals in Saranac Lake include reductions in teacher levels, but also may include some changes to where elementary students attend classes.. “The two schools have students who are able to travel in either direction and I’d like to make the class sizes more even,” Saranac Lake’s Superintendent is Diane Fox said, “So that one teacher doesn’t have 30 students while the other has 15.

One other budgetary consideration includes a look at Advance Placement and the importance of an equitable distribution for students interested in advanced classes.. Fox says she would like to see Advanced Placement classes be available for all students based on their interests and goals for college and this includes identifying which classes are attended by Girls and which are attended by boys so that one or the other aren’t eliminated creating an uneven breakdown of classes.

On Monday, Fox also identified a list of teacher reductions, some of which will come from retirements but the board is also forced to make additional cuts in order to remain under the 1.8% tax cap.

The State’s final budget is expected to come in below the needs of most districts in the North Country and Superintendents are asking their residents to contact senators and assemblymembers as well as the Governor and to tell them to increase aid to schools by removing the Gap Elimination Adjustment

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