K&J – Team Plattsburgh, A Collaboration Between City and Town

The City of Plattsburgh and the Town of Plattsburgh are developing a new level of collaboration called Team Plattsburgh..  At a special meeting of councilors and department heads the two municipalities began to work on the questions of sharing resources, specialized skills, contributing to efficiency and effectiveness of local government and achieving cost reductions based on economies of scale and enhanced leverage along with eliminating duplication of services..

Along with opening presentations from Ben Syden at the Laberge Group, and Paul Grasso at the Development Corporation, The day began with comments from Senator Betty Little and Assemblywoman Janet Duprey, along with Town of Plattsburgh Supervisor Bernie Bassett and The City’s Mayor, Jim Calnon…

The Conference Room at the Town of Plattsburgh Offices was filled with department heads from both the City and the Town.. Each meeting with their respective counterparts.. and this included two tables of politicians as well… Councilwoman Becky Kasper was seated at one of those tables.. she says in addition to many of the needs and wants that have been identified, her table wants to look at ways to provide a structure for collaboration to take place in an effective way..

At the other table of politicians, Town Councilman Tom Ward identified several topics they discussed including Shared Highway services, the bike path, energy independence, shared facilities, and cooperative training among departments..  He was followed by Councilman Jerry Renadette

City of Plattsburgh Councilmember Paul O’Connell says he wants to be sure people know that they’re coming away from their meeting with a focus on supporting the department heads and making sure that they know the City and the Town has their back.. Town Councilman Marty Mannix added his support for the work that all of the department heads in both municipalities are endeavoring to accomplish..

031714 - Team Plattsbrugh

The Meeting was also attended by Paul Grasso from the Development Corporation, mostly because both the Supervisor and the Mayor recognize the importance of economic development in the region and they wanted a portion of this meeting to be focused on outlining the importance of economic development with the Department Heads.. As you could hear from Mayor Jim Calnon’s comments as well as from Paul Grasso, there is an optimistic feeling among everyone in the room about the possibilities moving forward.. Those feelings are echoed by Town of Plattsburgh Supervisor Bernie Bassett in his remarks.. 

K&J – 031714 – Team Plattsburgh – a Collaboration between City and Town

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