Saranac Lake & China Working Together to Eradicate TB


Mingfeng Liao

Residents of Saranac Lake may be closer to China than they realize..  Especially when it comes to research on Tuberculosis at Trudeau Institute…  In addition to their collaboration with ClarksonUniversity on new technologies to enhance research, Right now One Third of the population in China is infected with TB which makes the relationship even more important and right now research hospitals in China and Trudeau are sharing ideas and strengthening their approach to applied research.. One of the biggest differences between China and the United States is that China’s population is in fact infected with TB, in fact as Mingfeng Liao tells WNBZ, her labs are able to focus specifically on Human Samples…  but they’re hoping to share techniques.

Mingfeng Liao will be in the United States, Saranac Lake Specifically for about a year before she returns to her colleagues in China.. She’s new to the United States and to the English Language but as you can see she’s done very well so far and after a year, not only will she be fluent in English, but Trudeau and it’s partners may be able to move closer to the eradication of Tuberculosis worldwide..   Today is in fact.. World TB Day a day which is designed to increase awareness of TB and it also commemorates the day in 1882 when Dr Robert Koch announced that he had discovered the cause of Tuberculosis… At the time, the disease was raging and causing the death of one out of every 7 people..

Mingfeng Liao works and lives in Shenzhen. at the Third People’s Hospital in the Longgang District in China.  She has a Master’s of Medicine from Guangdong Medical college, Guangdong, China, and a Bachelor of medicine from Gannan Medical college,  Jiangxi,China.Currently, she is working as an Assistant Researcher at Guangdong Key Lab of Emerging Infectious Diseases, Shenzhen Third People’s Hospital, China. The focus there is similar to that of Trudeau Institute in Saranac Lake..  Mainly research in the immunology of tuberculosis and the study of adoptive cellular immunotherapy for cancers and MDR-TB.

Before the Third People’s Hospital in China, she studied in the Department of Immunology, Affiliated Shenzhen Third Hospital, Guangdong Medical College, Shenzhen, China and focused on a Study of  the role of  Th17 in patients with tuberculosis and its possible regulatory mechanisms. She has also worked on research in the Interferon-gamma immunospot assay of pleural effusion mononuclear cells for diagnosis of tuberculous pleurisy and Completed her master’s degree  in clinical medicine (Lemology) Currently Mingfeng Liao is staying in Saranac Lake and working with Dr Andrea Cooper, the Francis B Trudeau Chair for Tuberculosis and Related Studies at Trudeau Institute. Her work in the USA will bring a new approach to the work at Trudeau and a new look at developing research beyond human models in China.

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