Saranac Lake School Board Affirms Student Ranking Policy

An internal Policy Review at the Saranac Lake High School highlights the level of competitiveness at the top of the school’s Rankings..  High School Principal Josh Dann says his review of the policy follows a request by Bill Clucky.. A teacher in the high school, to look into how students are ranked their senior year.. In a letter to the School Board, Dann says he investigated the policy and any issues which were related to the policy and found that rankings over the years had in fact been including Mid Term Grades for Seniors in the calculation for student rank. The policy calls for the first and second quarter grades to be calculated into a student’s final rank. Dann explaned to the board at their meeting on Wednesday that he found the discrepancy and when it was adjusted, one student, who happens to be Clucky’s son, moved from 3rd to 4th in school rank. According to school administrators, they found that with the exception of the mid term grade being calculated during senior year, students were in fact being ranked according to the School Board’s Policy..  Unfortunately for Clucky, taking away the mid term grade dropped his son down one position following the adjustment..

AUDIO – 032014 – Ranking Students in Saranac Lake

Superintendent Diane Fox says her job in this case is to assure they’re actions reflect the policies sent down by the School Board.. She invited Clucky to the board meeting to assure transparency in the decision making process and he spoke about the technicalities of the calculation and how the School Tool calculates differently than if grades were calculated by hand and asked the board to change the policy immediately but the Board did not take any action. Several members of the board acknowledged, however, that the procedure could be reviewed in the future to facilitate a discussion as to whether or not it remains the most effective procedure for ranking students in their senior year..

The School Tool has been in use since 2005 and Superintendent Fox says it hasn’t really changed.. “The only thing that’s different is that we’ve given the management of School Tool to a new organization but the process for calculating grades has remained the same since it was implemented.” 

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