Saranac Lake School Board Continues Budget Review

In addition to a formal review of the Budgets for Elementary School Programs, which drew a large audience to the School Board Meeting in Saranac Lake.. There’s the again the question of Geese on the playing fields… As with in past years, the file on chasing away Geese in the district is one of the biggest files in the Superintendent’s Office.. which is why we turn to the newest answer to the ongoing problem of the poop on the playing fields..  and for that we land in the Petrova Library on Wednesday evening and Superintendent Diane Fox…

Keep in mind, this conversation is a little lighthearted for two reasons.. One because we’ve just finished a one our presentation on mandatory spending and it’s impact on administrators, staff, teachers and children in the Elementary school in Saranac Lake, and Two… because there may actually be a solution this year..

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Technically, the geese abatement project will contribute to the overall mission for the district including providing a positive, warm and welcoming atmosphere, providing Literacy, Math and Writing instruction that is coordinated and integrated at each grade level with appropriate support for children to be successful learners, teachers who are encouraged and empowerd to move beyond a one size fits all approach and a to provide a collegial and positive culture among faculty and staff who focus on doing what’s best for their students..  The board’s mission also encourages parents and community members to feel welcome to work alongside helping to achieve their vision.. 

There are 209 students in Bloomingdale and 367 at Petrova for a toal of 576  – the class size averages 21.6…  and there are a total of 31 Full Time Staff  caring for these students in one way or another… Interestingly 40% of students qualify for Academic Intervention services in ELA – or English Language Arts..  This isn’t special education, it’s just an opportunity to provide students with more focus on that subject..  Board Members and Business Manager Dan Bower are headed to Albany this weekend to speak with local legislators on behalf of the region about budgeting issues and their focus this year is almost entirely on the removal of the Gap Elimination Adjustment which in the case of Saranac Lake will bring an additional $866 thousand dollars of revenue to their bottom line and without that revenue, school administrators across the region agree the lack of funding will put serious financial pressure on school districts and in some cases bring them to insolvency in only a few more years.. School boards across the North Country are asking parents and residents to send letters, or emails to their local legislators asking for the reinstatement of the GEA funding..  Most districts have posted the corresponding contact information on their respective websites.. 

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