Plattsburgh – Ward IV and Ward V Public Forum Tonight

Plattsburgh City Councilors Paul O’Connell and Becky Kasper from Ward 4 and 5 respectively are holding a joint public forum this evening and they’re encouraging residents to ask questions and to offer feedback.. Ward 4 Councilman Paul O’Connell says it’s going to be an informal type of event “We have a few things we want to bring up,” O’Connell said, “But again, we’re looking to get the input from all of the residents of Ward 4 and Ward 5 and I’m sure Ward 6 and 3 are going to get together and do the same thing.”

Councilor O’Connell said they’re really concerned as a new council to get involved and to be sure they’re representing their constituents. We’re hoping to work in a spirit of partnership with residents. “It’s the People’s City” he said. “And topics will potential discussions about downtown street closures, snow removal policies, and the North Margaret Re-Striping Study, just to name a few.”

The event begins at 6pm at the Elks Lodge on Cumberland avenue in Plattsburgh..


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