APA’s Excellence Award Goes to Saranac Lake 6er Program

The Adirondack Park Agency gives the Village of Saranac Lake an Award for excellence for the Village’s “6er” initiative.. The Award comes as part of Local Government Day at the Crowne Plaza Resort in Lake Placid…

Mayor Rabideau says The Saranac Lake 6er Program was created to spur local tourism.. The Program began last year on May 25th and is designed to encourage residents and visitors to climb the 6 peaks surrounding the village including McKenzie, Ampersand, St. Regis, Scarface, Haystack, and Baker mountains. Those doing so receive a patch, bumper sticker, certificate and a special 6er Number.

Rabideau says “everyone is working together to preserve and promote the many natural resources within the Adirondacks in simple sustainable ways like the 6er program.” Rabideau says 557 people have rung the 6er bell and received their finish number with thousands more in varying degrees of completion. The 6er roster currently has hikers from 15 states and 5 countries.

Local merchants have profited from the program as well by purchasing licenses from the village and creating “6er” products to market to the many new hikers visiting Saranac Lake. These products include T-shirts, hats, backpacks, beer and wine.

The product licensing fees and $10-per-person registration fees, combined with village employee volunteers, sustain the 6er program without tax dollars.

Hikers who complete the 6 climbs within 24 continuous hours are recognized as “Ultra 6ers,” and those that do the 6 peaks during the winter months become “Winter 6ers.”

The village will be hosting a 6er trail stewardship weekend in the coming summer with additional details to be announced.


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