Chamber Hosts Monthly Health Ins Open Houses

The Saranac Lake Area Chamber of Commerce is hosting monthly Health Insurance Open Houses for their members and the Saranac Lake Area in coordination with the Plattsburgh North Country Chamber of Commerce.
Through it’s licensed subsidiary, Plattsburgh-North Country Service Corp, the Chamber is offering health insurance assistance throughout the North Country region to small businesses, non-profits, employers of all kinds, self-employed people, individuals and their families. Katy Van Anden, is the Executive Director of the Saranac Lake Chamber and she suggests contacting Sandra Duquette at the North Country Chamber to make an appointment before hand or to answer any questions about the new health insurance market. The Open Houses will be held on the forth Friday of each month from 12:00PM – 5:00 PM. The SLACC office is located at 193 River Street, Saranac Lake, NY

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