City Council Responds to Editorial – Defends Decision

An Editorial in the Press Republican Sparks response from Councilors in the City of Plattsburgh on Thursday Evening… The board recently voted down a request by the group Bishop’s Apostles for Life to use two parking spaces across from Northern Adirondack Planned Parenthood on Good Friday.. The group was hoping to add to their numbers for their protest… This particular protest has been happening on Good Friday since 1995… WNBZ was at the meeting and reports regularly during the Morning News on the activities of the City Council.. The Press Republican’s March 26th Editorial on the down vote says “When people are elected to office, they accept a responsibility to make decisions that take into account the views of all constituents and to act with fairness to everyone.” And the editorial continues by saying “The new city councilors, a group of people who seem to care very much about making thoughtful decisions, just made a bad one.”

At Thursday evening’s work-session, Councilwoman Rachelle Armstrong was quick to respond to those comments.. “Mayor Calnon Sent a letter to members of the council asking them to reconsider their vote..” We asked for a copy of the letter which was presented in open session but were told it wouldn’t be available to us because it was sent only to them… Councilwoman Armstrong, however, says the Mayor in that letter brought up several points that he was concerned about.. 

AUDIO – 040414 – City Council Responds to Press Republican Editorial

Councilwoman Becky Kasper says in the aftermath of all of this, her concern about the protest has actually only increased.. 

Kelly continued by saying that this is not an issue about her personal stance on abortion rights.. but rather that free speech ought not to impede the ability of people to procure legal services.. 

Councilman Paul O’Connell says if they’re doing it weekly, what’s going to stop them from doing it now… Kasper countered, saying there were in fact complaints and she says this has been a contentious and heartfelt issue in the city as long as she can remember..

The Council Moved on following their responses to the editorial without taking any new action or offering any Motion to re-visit the issue at a future meeting. But Councilwoman Armstrong says she has offered several proposals and she would like to be pro-active about at least trying to develop a compromise that could then be brought to the City Council for another up or down vote. Until then, the vote stands and the city won’t be granting Apostles for Life permission to use the parking spaces..

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