Finalizing Snow Removal Policies in Plattsburgh

With rain in the forecast through the beginning of next week, and the DAFFSEST 5K Fun Run this weekend, we may have forgotten about the winter snowfall for now, but in Plattsburgh, Councilman Mike Kelly says there’s a danger in letting things slide now that the weather is getting warmer and the snow is all melted.. “If we keep pushing forward. Around September when it’s time to gear up for snow removal then we’ll be ready.” Kelly said, “The idea is to have the public educated and involved and ready to go once the first snowflake hits the ground come next winter.”:

The resolution which is coming before the council Thursday evening lays out plans for developing a list of contractors and volunteers to help those who may not be able to shovel for themselves..

AUDIO – 043014 – Plattsbrugh City Council Mulling Snow Removal Policy for Next Season 

“What’s so exciting is that we’ve had a great deal of community input.” Said Kelly, “People came in time after time to give us their input and then we have wonderful input from our councilors who’ve talked to other people in the community so I would say this legislation has public support and plenty of input from the community.”

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