Lake Placid School Budget $17.7 Million

The Lake Placid School Board votes to approve a tentative budget to present to the community.. The Budget includes an increase of $56,000 in revenue from state aid following and that totals a difference of $369,858 in their $17, .. Superintendent Roger Catania says there are two major increases in expenses.. The first is a $200,000 increase in Teacher Retirement and Health Insurance and the second is an additional $220,000 increase in Special education… $420,000 that the school district is obligated to spend above and beyond what they’re spending this year… Also above the $369,858, allowable increase in order to remain under the tax cap

Catania says there are also two major areas of reduction.. One is through a reduction in overall salaries of approximately $65,000 and a reduction in BOCES services of approximately $31,000 as part of an agreement, according to Catania, to reduce contracted costs while at the same time retaining two in house Teaching Assistant positions which he says is not only a cost savings but also an improvement in service to students… Catania added that in addition to the larger cuts, They’ve looked carefully at a multitude of smaller items..

The Final Number is $17,634,834… Approximately $3.3 Million in Revenue will come from State Aid over and above the estimated Property Tax Levy… From here, there are two Public Budget Hearings for residents of Lake Placid and Wilmington.. Following that residents will have the opportunity to put an up or down vote to School Board’s proposed Budget on May 20th..

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