Parking Enforcement May Go Full Time in Plattsburgh

Parking enforcement in the City of Plattsburgh may be getting stricter as the City Council considers hiring a full time Parking Officer…Plattsburgh’s Police Chief is Desmond Racicot. He says it’s actually a little unusual that the council would ask for a full time position to enforce parking laws in Plattsburgh.. Usually, he says, it’s the other way around and department heads have to go to the council to ask for more staffing..”The department doesn’t have quotas, and these positions aren’t created to generate revenue but rather to enforce violations of law.. The bi-product is that there are fines associated with those violations and that fine money does go back to the City’s Coffers to offset the cost of the position..” Racicot said.  In 2008 the department hired a full time parking officer and raised $117,000.. That number Chief Racicot says is somewhat of an anomaly because they were actively collecting on all of the outstanding parking violations. The next year there was no parking officer and the revenue dropped to $41,000.. In 2010, with a part time officer, the department wrote $77,000 in Parking Fines, Then in 2011, the numbers went up to $97,000.. and in 2012 and 2013 the numbers dropped to $47,000 and $37,000 respectively…

AUDIO – 041714 – City Council Considers Strengthening Parking Enforcement in Plattsburgh

Councilwoman Becky Kasper commented during their Work Session on Wednesday Evening that it’s only logical to hire an enforcement officer full time when the revenue will typically exceed the expense of the staffer.. Plus she says, they’ve just given 13 parking spots away for the summer to restaurants for outdoor dining and so the issue becomes even more important.. As for the job itself, Racicot says the point of contact for anyone interested in applying for the job will be the Clinton County Personel Department..

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