Plattsburgh Mayor Jim Calnon on “The State of City Hall”

A State of the City Address is a ways off for Plattsburgh Mayor James Calnon but this week he’s been talking about the importance of a plan to maintain the state of City Hall… “It’s a question of thinking out of the box and one of our department heads during a meeting suggested the idea of contacting all of the home improvement shows across the country to see if there were a possibility of their helping to do some of the necessary work on the building. You have absolutely no expectation of winning but if you do, it’s a home run.” Mayor Calnon said. We spoke with Mayor Calnon Tuesday at his office in City Hall and one of the things he says and one of the things they’re looking seriously at is the building’s windows.. “The Windows are a huge problem in CIty Hall, they’re huge, they leak a lot and their on the historical register so they have to look the same from the outside which could bring the cost of a window to somewhere in the $3,500 to $4,000 range and City Hall has 56 windows.” Calnon said.

AUDIO – 040214 – Mayor Jim Calnon Discusses the State of Plattsbrugh’s City Hall

The City has considered a new project to make the building more energy efficient. One Advantage that the City of Plattsburgh Has over some of the neighboring municipalities is the cost of electricity because of the City’s Municipal Electric Department.. But Mayor Calnon says this also means the investment in energy efficiency requires a longer payback calculation.. “It’s important to remember that if you leave regular maintenence tasks until they’re desparately needed, the projects will usually tend to be more expensive. “A little bit of preventative maintenance now can solve a bigger problem down the road which is why I’d like to establish a base level of regular maintenance expenses for the building and then including those expenses in the city’s regular budget.

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