Saranac Lake School Board Approves $28.3 Million Budget

The Saranac Lake Central School Board Approves a $28.3 Million Dollar Budget on Wednesday Night but as School Board President Deb Lennon says, They’re living within their means and working with what they have… Lennon says it’s a painstaking process, especially this year.. It’s been excruciating she says and it has not been an easy job..The School Board met for the final decision making process on Wednesday night in the Auditorium at the High School in order to accommodate another large crowd of teachers and members of the community and as the board’s deliberations progressed, a few common threads began to appear..

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Business Manager Dan Bower

The District’s Business Manager Dan Bower says the board has been diligent in their efforts to find more money from line items in the budget during their investigation.. They asked him to go back again following last week’s budget meeting and try to identify even more areas where the budget may have been over projected.. Here’s what he found..

Saranac Lake School District Superintendent Diane Fox says based on these new numbers, the board is going to add back a fifth grade teacher.. The question then became how to look at the best use of the funds after that but one of her recommendations is to try to share a point 5 F.T.E position in Technology and another in Health with other school districts in the region

As for that Direction, the School board is supportive of their new Superintendent and while they’re helping to fine tune the focus, Fox says this budget is a sound budget both academically and fiscally and she says she would recommend a majority of the cuts in the budget regardless of the budget picture..

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The Final Number Approved by the Board remains under the tax cap.. $28,274,681… The Public Hearing to present the Budget to the Community is set for May 13th followed by the Vote on the School Budget May 20th…

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