Tupper Lake Budget Hearing Tonight

Paul Maroun

Tupper Lake Mayor Paul Maroun

The Village of Tupper Lake presents it’s tentative budget to voters tonight in a public hearing at 7pm in the municipal offices… The Budget hearing provides an opportunity for the public to weigh in one last time on the budget or any particular portion of the budget..  This year, the board has been working towards remaining under the tax cap.. The allowable tax cap limit in Tupper Lake is $1,873,626.00  and the Balance of appropriations in the tentative budget to be raised by real estate taxes is $1,836,992.00 which puts the budget $7,525 below their allowable cap of 2.84% over the 2013 – 2014 budget…  The approximate Rate per Thousand Dollars of Assessed Value is $13.42 Cents.. That amount is up 38.4 cents per thousand dollars of assessed value..  The property tax rate was at it’s peak in 2007 at $17.24 and was at it’s lowest since 2002 just last year in the 2013 – 2014 tax year at $13.04..  The Public Hearing on the Budget gets underway at 7pm tonight in the village offices..

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