Battle of Plattsburgh Celebrates Bicentennial

050914 - Battle of Plattsburgh 082014 Marks the Bicentennial Commemoration of the Battle of Plattsburgh.. An event of historic proportions.. In September of 1814, More than 10,000 British Soldiers invaded Northern New York from Canada while their Royal Navy advanced along Lake Champlain.. The goal was to reach New York City and perhaps divide an infant nation in two.. But in Cumberland Bay, defended by General Macomb and fifteen hundred men.. and in the Bay, Americans were anchored awaiting the British Fleet where with plenty of luck and a change in the wind saw the witdrawl of british troops back to Canada.. The Unlikely victory thwarted British plans to control Lake Champlain and led to the signing of the treaty of Ghent and the end of the War of 1812 on Christmas eve in 1814… Now 200 years later, the Battle of Plattsburgh Bicentennial Commemoration..

We’re talking with members of the Battle of Plattsburgh Commemoration Committee following a press conference to announce a few new events in the line up this year… One of those events is a new quilt show which will be held upstairs in the rotunda at City Hall…

K&J – 050914 – Battle of Plattsburgh Bicentennial Commemoration

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Events for the community abound all weekend, in fact both weekends and 17 days full of planning.. One of the newer events is a musical, Bonnie Black is Directing this new creation, Bonnie says they’re planning an audition for men on Wednesday May 21st at 6pm in the Meyer’s Fine Arts Building…

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One thing’s for sure in any reenactment of a big battle, you can’t have the event without re-enactors.. and this year, being the bicentennial, there may be twice as many as normal… we caught up with two of the organizers of the reenactments and asked about their plans..

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