Flushing Hydrants in Saranac Lake

In Saranac Lake, DPW Superintendent Jeff Dora says they’ll be doing their annual hydrant flushing starting at 7:30 AM tomorrow morning.. The work will continue through Friday this week..  Flushing of hydrants will begin in the Park Avenue section of the Village and the work will move towards the LakeColby end of the Village as well as towards the French Hill section and Helen Hill Section.  After that, they’ll focus on the Downtown section, College section, Turtle Pond section and Lake Street Section.  Dora says to Expect low water pressure when hydrant flushing is occurring in your area.  Residents will experience discolored yellow or brownish water and should not be alarmed by the color.   If you experience discolored water it is recommended that you let your water run for 10 to 15 minutes from an outdoor faucet.  Using an outdoor faucet, by the way, reduces your chances of getting any sediment caught in your faucet screen.  Dora added If residents experience a prolonged period with discolored water they should contact the Village DPW at 891-4160.

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